Red Split Lentils

Red lentils are one of the most common types of lentil and the best know amount the red lentils in the Red Chief. It’s a lovely salmon pink in its dried form, but it turns golden when cooked. These lentils cook faster than others. They are best in purees or soups.


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Red Lentil (Split) Features
Moisture: 16% max
Impurity: 0.5% max
Imperfect: 3% max
Size 3.0-5.0mm
Purity : 99.5% by weight.
Insects & pesticides free
Excellent source of nutrients
High nutritional value
High protein contentPacking Detail:

A-Bulk:  15kg bopp bag & 25kg Jute bag.
B-Retail: 250g, 500g, 1000g customized facility.

880 Cartons in 40
720 Cartons in 20
(50Lbs in carton)900 Bags in 1 x 40
(50Lbs in bag)
Shelf Life Load Ability
2 Year
24MT x 20ft
(15kg packing
25MT x 20ft
(25kg packing


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