Gram Flour

Gram flour, also known as garbanzo bean flour, or besan, is a pulse flour made from ground chickpeas known in a number of Asian countries as gram. It is a staple ingredient in Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Bangladeshi cuisines. Gram flour can be made from either raw or roasted gram beans. The roasted variety is more flavorful, while the raw variety has a slightly bitter taste.

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Gram Flour Specification
Gram Flour
Mouisture 11% – 13%

Dry Substance 87% – 89%
Fat (d.w)  6% – 7%
Ash (d.w.) 2.5% – 3.5%
Protien (d.w.) 18% – 21%
Alcohlic Acidity: 0.06% – 0.18%
Carbohydrate (d.w.) 62% – 65%
High quality with reasonable price
Grade:  AA
Packing: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg available.
Shelf Life
Load Ability
6 Month
24MT in 20

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Gram Flour

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