Almond Nuts & Seeds

Almond is also the name of the edible and widely cultivated seed of this tree. According to the FDA, eating 1.5 ounces a day of most nuts, like Almonds, may reduce the risk of heart disease.



Almonds (Shelled=Kernals) & (Inshell=with cover)
Varieties Sizes Grades Packing Loading Detail
Nonpariel 18-20 US Fancy A 880 Cartons in 40
720 Cartons in 20
(50Lbs in carton)900 Bags in 1 x 40
(50Lbs in bag)
Carmel 20-22 US Extra No.1 Shelled
Butte 23-25 US No.1 (Supreme) In Cartons
Padre 25-27 US Select Sheller Run B
Mission 27-30 US Standard Sheller Inshell
Monterey 30-32 Run In Bags
Sonara 32-34 US No.1 (Whole & Broken)
Fritz 34-36 US No.1 Pieces
Weight (Lbs = Kg) country of Origin Almond Size Measurement
25Lbs = 11.34kg RSA 18-20 kernals in 28.5g = 18-20 size
50Lbs = 22.68kg 23-25 kernals in 28.5g = 23-25 size
1000Lbs = 454kg 27-30 kernals in 28.5g = 27-30 size
2200 lbs = 1 Metric Ton 32-34 kernals in 28.5g = 32-34 size


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